Friday, 23 August 2013


Proper restaurant lighting is an integral aspect of decor and helps to improve the aesthetic appeal of the interiors. Lighting sets any mood and boost up feeling of your restaurant. Setting ambient lights in a restaurant not only adds up to hospitality and warmth, but puts the customers at ease as well. More importantly, it also induces the appetite of customers and makes them crave for more food.

Light is very imperative to the taste buds. Poor light gives an idea that the food is not good enough. Perfect restaurant lighting plays a crucial role in keeping the customers wanting for more; that’s the aim of every successful restaurant entrepreneurs. However, before finalising the lighting designs, one should keep in mind about some important factors.

Maxwell Tielman posted an article at Design Sponge. The article features Bar Sajol, a bar in Seattle. In this article, you can get some ideas on how to decorate and light up your restaurant making it very much appealing to your customers.

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