Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Add Sophistication to Your House with Down Lights

Elegance and sophistication are the qualities every homeowner wants to see in all parts of the home. That is why every detail has to be considered just to make sure that they achieve this goal. A very functional component that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home is the lighting. If you are able to choose the right one, the interior of your house will be illuminated beautifully. One lighting option that you can consider is down lights.

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Down lights have contemporary designs that can surely make your salon, kitchen and bathroom look exquisite. Some people hesitate to use this kind of lighting because it is not efficient in terms of energy-saving, which is true if the bulb is halogen. However, this problem can be resolved with the use of LED down lights. This can help you save up to 90% of energy as compared to halogen lights and is more efficient than the CFL because it lasts longer than the latter. A lot of manufacturers nowadays are specializing on energy-saving home devices. Getting to save energy can help decrease your electricity bill.

These downlights can last up to a total of 75,000 hours. Lights are only used at an average of 6 hours a day, which means that it can actually last for approximately 34 years. This also means that you don’t have to worry about constant replacement. Dimmer switches are available if you want to be able to control it. Just make sure that the switch is compatible with the lamp that is installed in your home. Dimmers also have different designs and this allows you to find one that can fit perfectly into the design of your home. Keep in mind that you need to consider Building Regulations before you choose the kind of down light to install. The regulations for commercial and residential buildings may vary from each other, so be sure to check it out first.

Check also the internet to get additional information. There are several reviews available about these products online. Read them so you will know what other users and experts are saying about it. If you have friends and relatives who already have installed down lights in their homes, try to ask for their feedbacks. Visit their house so you can see for yourself its effect on the overall ambience. Indeed, having this innovative lighting in your home is a practical choice.

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